'Double-Tongued Knowability', David Leapman, 1995

There are four horizontal ovals at the corner of each page. They contain geometrical shapes of colour. The black background is textured.

Ultraviolet, Dayglo, Nightglo and interference acrylic on canvas, painted 1995

1st prizewinner, John Moores 19, 1995 Accession Number WAG1995.384

The painting establishes a contrast between areas of pure, bright colour and a nervous, charged draughtsmanship, creating a collision of formal ‘opposites’. Making these opposites cohere and relate to each other is the main theme of the work. The canvas is dominated by hard-edged geometrical forms and by the very controlled application of paint across most of the surface, conveying a strong sense of curbed energy. But this plays against the more mysterious and spontaneous elements, which include the use of highly unusual and even ‘inappropriate’ types of paint.

The title invokes the notion of our sometimes feeling instinctively quite certain of something, even when it is wrapped in a language we do not readily understand.