'Falling Warrior', Henry Moore, 1956-7

A contorted body is in a stress position supported by only an opposite hand and foot. There is large, solid plinthe that appears to be made from the same material as the sculpture.

Bronze, 63.5 x 147.5 x 78.5cm

Accession Number WAG5598

Henry Moore was one of the finest sculptors of the 20th century. 'The Falling Warrior' is an abstract piece, yet Henry Moore was profoundly inspired by natural forms and made extensive studies of the human body. In this sculpture the human form is easily recognisable, despite the lack of detail.

Moore was greatly affected by his experiences of the First and Second World Wars. 'The Falling Warrior' conjures up the moment of agony just before death.

He was also influenced by the heroes of Greek mythology. In this sculpture Moore has stripped the figure down to its basic elements. Here the warrior seems to lack the power of a traditional hero and, while the piece has immense vitality, the sculpture would seem to suggest the failure of brute strength and the horror of war.

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