'Alesso 'B'', Michael Tyzack, 1965

Bright colours swirl from the bottom in a repeating pattern getting wider towards the top of the canvas. The direction of the flow is contradicted by the central flow of another curved line down the centre of the painting. There is a crisp distinction bet

Michael Tyzack (1933 - 2007)
Acrylic resin on canvas
Accession Number WAG 6351

The title of this painting refers to the Italian Renaissance artist, Alesso Baldovinetti. Tyzack recognised visual parallels between his own work and a portrait by Baldovinetti in the National Gallery, London. The aim of the painting is to evoke a distinct mood in the viewer through the relation of colours and the multi-directional movements of the wavy forms. The chairman of the jury for the 1965 John Moores exhibition, in which this work was the first prizewinner, was the noted American critic Clement Greenberg and the selection of the exhibition reflected his advocacy of colour-field abstraction.