'Primordial Image' - Frank Avray Wilson

A tall and thin canvas, broken by smeared painted in many directions. The paint is bold and the colours use contrast against each other. This creates movement and a strikingly violent effect.

Oil on canvas, 301 x 121.3cm

Accession Number WAG3766

The artist spent his early years in Mauritius, deeply interested in the outdoors, minerals and crystals. These elements are the basis for the forms and patterns in his paintings, which he has described as emerging "unpredictably, autonomously".

Initially encouraged by his mother and sister, he became a full-time painter in 1947. His first works employed geometrical forms but by the 1950s he considered himself to be "an abstract expressionist" and stated that "creation begins with the articulation of chaos". 'Primordial Image', which is made up of strong but harmonious uses of colour in powerful movements across the canvas, was shown at the John Moores Exhibition in 1959.