Spoliation Information for Derain, André - 'L'Italienne'

Canvas laid on plywood, 91 x 72cm (35.83" x 28.35")

Acquisition: Bought from Mayor Gallery, London, 1959.
Reference: WAG 2874


Painted in Paris 1920-1924
1923-24 Galerie le Centaure, Brussels, exhibition of French contemporary art included Derain
Emmanuel Hoffmann (b.1896-d.Basle 3 Oct. 1932) arrived Brussels 1925 (1)
Valentine Gallery, New York; 45 w44th St, New York (2)
Bought by Joseph Hirshhorn by July 21 1945;
Sold by Parke Bernet NY 10m Nov 1948 (3)
Bought JJ Mage

  • How and when obtained by Valentine Gallery? When sold?
  • When bought by JJ Mage ?1948
  • Sold Mage to Mayor Gallery ? and when?
  1. Valentine Gallery was in operation under Valentine Dudensing between 1924-1948
  2. On J Hirshhorn's insurance inventory NB This is the correct spelling of name
Additional questions and information since publication of February report:
  • When did the owner of Galerie le Centaure, Walter Schwarzenberg sell L'Italienne to E. Hoffmann?
  • What happened after dispersal of Hoffmann's collection in Basle post June 1933?
  • Mentioned as in Hoffmann's collection between c.1926-29 in Jean Milo's history of 'Le Centaure' gallery Vie et survie du "Centaure", Editions Nationales d'Art, 1980 p208. After which Hoffmann moved to Basle and his collection disperse after June 1933. Hoffmann's Brussels purchases were made through W Schwarzenberg of Galerie le Centaure.