John Miller

Liverpool based Scottish merchant (about 1796 - 1876) who collected Pre-Raphaelite artworks

John Miller was a Scottish, Liverpool-based tobacco merchant. He was a noted art collector, acquiring works by artists including JMW Turner (1775 - 1851). Miller was also a friend, patron and collector of various Pre-Raphaelite artists, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882).

He also worked in the same office building in Crosshall Street Liverpool, as Scottish born Liverpool merchant and business Joseph Robinson. Robinson was also an art collector and were known to exchange art works. There is a portrait of Joseph Robinson and also a portrait of his wife, in the Walker Art Gallery collection (WAG 8658) painted by British artist John Ewart Robertson (1820 - 1879).
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Previous owner
  • Nationality
    British: Scottish
  • Born
    1796 about
  • Place of birth
    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: Scotland
  • Died
  • Place of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Cause of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
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