Colin Fallows Ensemble

Collin Fallows Ensemble
19 May 2017
Suitable for:
all visitors
Free drop-in event, no need to book

The Colin Fallows Ensemble is an electric guitar quartet dedicated to the performance of multi-layered soundworks, dense with microtones which generate numerous overtones through bespoke tuning to resonant performance spaces. The ensemble's performances combine the precision and clarity of a string quartet with the locomotive power of a noise-machine orchestra. The members of the ensemble are Colin Fallows, Bee Hughes, Libby Lawrie and Eva Petersen.

For their apperance at the Walker Art Gallery for Lightnight 2017, the ensemble will create a bespoke sonic environment resonating with architectural structure of the gallery space. The performances will contain a series of related compositions by Fallows for prepared and treated electic guitars ranging from mono-chordal sound canvases layered with overtones, through subtle moire patterns of drones and gestural sound paintings, to raucous excursions in tone-bending noise that conjure up the presence of imaginary instruments.

This event is part of our LightNight 2017 event series.