Photos of crowds of protesters in 1911

Photo of crowds of protestors on Lime Street in 1911

© Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries.

Summer 1911 witnessed some of the most tumultuous events in Liverpool's political history, with dock and transport strikes. Huge mass rallies were broken up by police and soldiers, leading to deaths on the streets of Liverpool. The newly crowned King George V cabled his Home Secretary, Winston Churchill from the grouse-moors of Yorkshire: 'Accounts from Liverpool show that situation there is more like revolution than a strike'.

The photo above shows crowds on Lime Street surrounding trams during 'Red Sunday' on 13 August 1911. In the background you can see the Walker Art Gallery and County Sessions House.

Audio of protest speech

Below you can listen to a dramatised account of a speech by political activist Tom Mann, which he delivered on St Georges Plateau:

Speech performed by Hugo Chandor, from the stage play 'Rid The World' written by Rob Johnston.

Crowds on Whitechapel in Liverpool, 1911

Mounted police and soldiers marching on Whitechapel. © Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries.