Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911

24 June - 25 September 2011

Free admission

'The Oise at Auvers' by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, 'The Oise at Auvers' © Tate, London, 2011

This exhibition was part of the Liverpool and the World Exhibition Series, part-funded by the European Union.

'Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911' is an exploration of a ground-breaking exhibition held in Liverpool in 1911 which displayed international Post-Impressionist artworks alongside local avant-garde artists.

Featuring work by van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin and Signac, 'Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911' looks at the relationship between the pioneering exhibition 100 years ago and Liverpool's radicalism.

"Anarchy in the paint pot, mutiny in the brush"
- Liverpool Courier, 1911

The exhibition also examines the reaction of Liverpool's artistic and political establishments to the major unrest in the city, which resulted in mass demonstrations and troops on the streets.