Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire

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Colourful abstract painting

Aubrey Williams, 'Hymn to the Sun IV' (Olmec Maya series) 1984 © Estate of Aubrey Williams, All Rights Reserved DACS.

15 January 2010 to 11 April 2010

Free admission

Aubrey Williams' art resists definition and the significance of his work was not fully appreciated in his own lifetime. 'Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire' comprises of 14 paintings, which demonstrate the strength of the artist's work and show that Williams was an important international artist. His paintings feature fragmented objects, intense natural colours and hint at musical counterpoint and dramatic spatial effects.

Williams was a Guyanese-born artist and many factors influenced his work. He admired American abstract expressionist painters Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky and his artistic interests included ornithology, the environment and the music of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Above all, a preoccupation with indigenous and ancient cultures of Central and South America, defined his artistic vision and helped him develop his own visual language.

His interest in these cultures enabled him to assert an authentic Caribbean identity within a modern mainstream art world. As he put it:

"The act of painting, the act of daring to make art, the Arawak had a word for it and they called it Timehri... Now, Timehri to the Arawak means the mark of the hand of man...That is the word for art for me."

This exhibition contributes to a reassessment of the artist and provides a rare opportunity to see an important group of his work in the North of England.

Presented in collaboration with October Gallery, London and the Aubrey Williams Estate.

October Gallery

This exhibition was also part of 'Liverpool and the Black Atlantic', a city-wide series of exhibitions and events.