Painting of two young women working outside

1855: Bukovac born in the fishing village of Cavtat, Croatia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1872: As a sailor on a merchant ship, Bukovac docks at Liverpool. He 'takes tea and toast and visits the museums'.

1877: Begins his studies in Paris, under Cabanel.

1878: First exhibit at the Paris Salon: 'An episode from the Montenegrin War'.

1882: His 'La Grande Iza', based on the popular novel by Alexis Bouvier, is the sensation of the Salon. It is bought by an English collector.

1884: Dealers Vicars Bros begin exhibiting his 'famous' 'White Slave' in their London gallery.

1886: Vicars tour his new sensation, 'Potiphar's Wife', in the provinces, including in Leeds and Liverpool.

1888: Bukovac exhibits 'Suffer the Little Children' at the Paris Salon; it receives an Honourable Mention. It is bought by Vicars, brought to London, and sold to Samson Fox. Bukovac visits Fox in Harrogate for the first time.

1890: Exhibits for the first time at the Royal Academy, a picture titled 'Woodbine'; later owned by Fox.

1891: Bukovac's portraits of Samson Fox and his daughter Louise, painted the previous year in Harrogate, are his exhibits at the Paris Salon. In July he accepts the invitation of the LeDoux family, who own his 'Adam and Eve', to visit them in West Derby, Liverpool.

1892: Bukovac marries. He spends his honeymoon in Liverpool, and paints 'Mrs LeDoux', full-length, shown at that year's Liverpool Autumn Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

1893: 'Mrs LeDoux' shown at the Paris Salon. Bukovac leaves Paris and returns to his homeland, ending the period of his closest contact with the Fox and LeDoux families.

1903: Bukovac leaves Croatia for Vienna, then Prague. Samson Fox dies.

1906: Ten works by Bukovac included in the Austrian Exhibition at Earl's Court, London.

1908: Bukovac re-visits England; portraits of Mrs LeDoux in Liverpool, and the Duchess of Albany (shown at the Royal Academy in 1910).

1911: Seventeen paintings by Bukovac included in the sale of Fox's art collection.

1912: In Liverpool again, Bukovac paints portraits of Richard LeDoux and his daughter Minnie. 'The Bathers', owned by LeDoux, shown at the Liverpool Autumn Exhibition.

1913: LeDoux acquires 'La Grande Iza'.

1914: LeDoux dies, a few weeks before the outbreak of the First World War.

1922: Bukovac dies in Prague, aged 66.