Visitor comments

Read about our visitors' reactions to the exhibition:

"Fascinating thoughtful paintings. Simon Vouet especially."

"Brilliant 'Collector's Eye' exhibition. Well presented."

"Unusual collection. Brings an interesting perspective to art viewing."

"Excellently displayed. Very good collection and selection."

"Wonderful. So well presented. Congratulation Walker Gallery and David Lewis."

"The best special exhibition in recent years. Thank you David Lewis."

"Great to see less familiar works by famous artists."

"I have seen the exhibition three times and El Greco's St John still stops me in my tracks. What a stunning painting."

"Wonderful opportunity to see this previous 'hidden' collection."

"Absolutely excellent. The talk was wonderful."

"A brilliant, well laid out art exhibition which we are very privileged to see."

"Fabulous - could not be bettered in the world."

"Certain to be one of the great exhibitions of 2011. Superb."

"Big, beautiful and fantastic." (Sophie, aged 8 and Hannah, aged 6)

"Enjoyable and interesting - needs more than one visit."

"I really enjoyed looking at the paintings - my favourite ones were the Gothic church and the cat attacking the game bird" (Written by a young person.)

"Excellent, interesting, user friendly."