Epstein Busts Display

Walker Art Gallery

27 August 2005 - Spring 2006

Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity celebrates its centenary this year, is included in a display of five bronze portrait busts by pioneering sculptor Jacob Epstein at the Walker Art Gallery from 27 August 2005.

Einstein posed for the bust - an outstanding example of Epstein’s celebrity portraiture - at a refugee camp in Cromer, Norfolk, in 1933 shortly after fleeing Nazi Germany.

All but one of the busts on display are from the Walker’s collections. Along with Einstein|’s, they are: 'Israfel|', inspired by a poem of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe; 'Sonia|', a woman the artist saw in a Regent’s Park tea garden and asked to pose for him; 'Man of Aran ('Tiger’ King)'|, Colman King star of the classic documentary film 'Man of Aran' ; 'Deidre|' , a portrait of Epstein’s cook and housekeeper (normally at the Lady Lever Art Gallery|).

The display, which runs until early spring 2006, has been organised as part of the celebrations for the European Day of Jewish Culture & Heritage (4 September 2005).

Author Paul O’Keeffe will be giving a free 45-minute talk on Epstein at 2pm Sunday 4 September 2005 at the Walker.