'Man of Aran ('Tiger King')', Jacob Epstein

'Man of Aran ('Tiger King')' bust

This is a portrait of Colman King, known as the 'Tiger’ owing to his fighting spirit and passion for guns. He was a proud Irish fisherman, blacksmith and farmer.

King was the principal character in Robert Flaherty’s 1933 documentary film 'Man of Aran', a study of the harsh lives of the Aran islanders.

At the time the film was being made Flaherty had commissioned Epstein to sculpt his own head. He brought King to the artist’s studio to be modelled for this bust.

Bronze, modelled around 1933-4
Presented by Mr. & Mrs. S. Samuels in commemoration of the Tercentenary of the return of the Jews to Britain, 1956
Accession Number WAG898

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