Video - David Hockney: Early reflections


Ann Bukantas, Head of Fine Art:

"So the exhibition is called 'David Hockney: Early reflections' and it does just that; it takes us back to the very early part of Hockney's career when he was still a student at the Royal College of Art up until 1978 when he was in the middle of doing lots of pictures of Hollywood swimming pools and so on. Really what we want to make people consider is where Hockney came from in respect of perhaps the work he's more famous for today." 

Title: My favourite work is... 'Gregory'

"Well I think it's very 'David Hockney'. It's very much about drawing even though it is actually a print. I think it's a very beautiful work, it's very sensitive and I think it's got a great sense of immediacy to it. I also like the fact that because it's one of Hockney's aquaintences, it gives you an insight into his social circle. You can really start to get a feeling of him and the people that he had relationships with, the people that were his friends and models. I think that although it's not necessarily one of the showiest works in the exhibition, it's that sort of subtlety that I'm drawn to."

Title: Hockney's technique

"It must have been particularly exciting for Hockney because he worked with a gentleman who'd been Picasso's printmaker, Picasso's etcher, called Aldo Cromm[e]lynk who Hockney had met in Paris in the 1970s. He actually taught Hockney a technique of etching that he'd invented for Picasso. But unfortunately Picasso, who was Hockney's great hero, had died before he got chance to use it and Hockney was the first artist to have go with that technique. It gave him this feeling of 'connection with the master' and I do think you feel a sense of that excitement in the print."