Paul and de Kooning

Small details from three paintings

From left to right: Robot and star, 1995, Brains on fire, 1994, Black scratch I, 1994

"You have to paint abstract after you've been seeing Bill de Kooning" - Sir Paul McCartney

Paul credits the artist Willem de Kooning with being one of his greatest influences, as well as being a family friend. They met at the end of the seventies when de Kooning was a client of Linda's father's law firm.

Linda and Paul frequently visited the artist in his studio and Paul often became so fired up by the visits that he would go to the paint shop on the way home and buy all the same paints and canvases as de Kooning, or 'Bill' as he affectionately refers to him.

Abstract painting

Paul remembers De Kooning's attitude to his painting as a particular source of inspiration. One day he asked the artist what his painting was meant to be, to which de Kooning replied, "I don't know, it looks like a couch, huh?" Paul found the remark profoundly liberating. In his own words, 'he never looked back'.