A brief history

Small details from three paintings

From left to right: Egypt station, 1998, Big mountain face, 1991, Black scratch I, 1994

  • Paul McCartney is born in Liverpool on 18 June, 1942.
  • He attends school at Liverpool Institute.
  • He visits Walker Art Gallery and develops and interest in art.
  • At the age of fourteen Paul writes his first song.
  • During the 1960s he revolutionises music as part of The Beatles.
  • He develops an interest in pop art and meets contemporary artists like David Hockney, Andy Warhol and Eduardo Paolozzi.
  • In 1966 Peter Blake designs the cover for Sgt Pepper based on a Paul McCartney sketch.
  • In 1968 Richard Hamilton designs the cover for 'The Beatles' (white album).
  • In 1969 Hamilton designs the Abbey Road cover based on Paul's idea.
  • He marries Linda McCartney in 1969. He is inspired by his father in law's art collection, which includes Picasso, Matisse, Rothko, Lindner and de Kooning.
  • During the 1970s he forms the group Wings.
  • In 1980s he starts painting and is heavily influenced be Willem de Kooning.
  • In 1990 he begins to compose orchestral and choral music.
  • His Liverpool Oratorio commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society premieres in 1991. It has since been performed more than 100 times in twenty countries.
  • In 1995 Paul becomes a member of the Royal College of Music.
  • In 1996 Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts is opened with backing from Paul.
  • He is knighted in 1996 for his contribution to music, becoming Sir Paul McCartney.
  • In 1999 Paul holds his first exhibition of paintings in Siegen, Germany.
  • In September 2000, Little, Brown and Company publishes 'Paul McCartney paintings'.
  • On 24 May 2002, the art of Paul McCartney, Paul's first major UK retrospective opens at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.