Video interview with Paul Trevor

Paul Trevor in an interview recorded when he first brought the prints for the exhibition 'Like you've never been away' up to Liverpool.


Hi I'm Paul Trevor. I've just arrived in Liverpool with the prints for the show. The weather here I'm happy to say is considerably better than it's been in London where I got soaked but fortunately I saved the prints so they're all here safe and sound.

All the photographs were made in 1975 when I first came to Liverpool. I've edited the pictures from that time, selecting the kids, so the show is going to be something about childhood. I'm hoping to find those people, who will obviously be adults now with their own kids about the same age, and do a new project bringing their lives up to date, finding out how they are now and what's happened between the photograph I took then, the first photograph, and the photograph I hope to do when I meet them.

This revisit project, the re-engagement, began in August 2010. I came up and did a couple of slideshows in two community centres and the response has been phenomenal.

The title of the exhibition is 'Like you've never been away'. That came from a remark that Anne - who I photographed 35 years ago, at the Everton Community Centre - as I was leaving she said "Paul it's like you've never been away". We thought that would be a great title for the show because it captures the feeling and the relationship I had created with people. I hope that that spirit and their generosity is what's going to prevail in the next phase.

I very much hope everybody comes to see the exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery and obviously if people come and identify or discover relatives or their friends or parents or whatever in the show let me know.