Rolf Harris video transcript

How does it feel to see all your work on display ?

It's unbelievable; it's just like a dream come true. It's amazing to look around at all the different ones and remember the time when you took that photo....that one's at Earls Court, that was sort of six in the morning and that St Ives picture. Yeah and the white cliffs of Dover and the islands at Scilly Isles over there and looking at the outback's just magic.

This one here, this triptych, that was a painting done of a fella called Banjo Patterson, a poet who wrote the words of 'Waltzing Matilda' and that shows him creating the words at this little lake. The fella that posed for that is a Liverpool guy, a friend of mine called Phil Rogers and he posed for that painting.

Do you have a favourite piece of work?

Well there's a couple of favourites, there's one down there of when we were doing a programme about Degas and I did a Polaroid photo of a groom leading a horse along with the jockey up on the back of a horse.

In the photo, the front of the horse is cut off and very much like Degas would have cut off bits, you know didn't paint the whole thing he had things coming out of the frame. I did that painting and absolutely loved it and after I finished that I thought, why am I not painting everyday? I love it so much.

The very next day I got up early morning, I had a photograph of that Aboriginal girl there from Arnhemland. I had an old canvas which I'd covered with brown paint and that painting took just under an hour and a half to do, it was like a fine burst of excitement and bang, bang, away it went. It was wonderful and I've painted everyday since then, mainly due to the way that portrait went and I just love that Arnhemland girl.