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Children's clothes

Photograph of Five children standing in order from the tallest in the left to the shortest on the right

In contrast to their mother's clothes, the Tinne children were dressed in quite simple styles. The girls often wore plain cotton or silk smock dresses that washed well, while the two boys, when young, were dressed in a variety of sailor-style suits.

Emily generally refused to spend much on the children's clothes, with the exception of party dresses for the girls. Instead, clothes were made to last and were often passed down from older to younger children. Dresses were sometimes let down at the hem to make them last longer.

The photograph on the right shows five of the Tinne children, in about 1927. Left to right, they are Elspeth Deborah (1911-2000), John Ernest (1913-96), Bertha Emily (1916-75), Helen Margaret (born 1919) and Alexine (born 1923).