John Moores 16, 1989

John Moores 16, 1989

  • Purchase prize retained

Selected by:

  • Tim Hilton
  • Therese Oulton
  • Barbara Toll
  • Kate Whiteford

Melina Kalinowska, who was to have been one
of the judges, was unable to take part


Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; one painting, preferably new, in an accepted modern medium, designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than six inches. Sculpture, traditional watercolours and graphics excluded.

Number of entries 1,938

Number of exhibits 55


Lisa Milroy 1st prize (Purchase prize) £14,000
Basil Beattie 2nd prize £4,000
Suzanne Treister 3rd prize £2,000

10 prizes of £500:
Edward Allington
Sue Arrowsmith
Michael Bennett
Dan Gardiner
Martin Huxter
Rosa Lee
Sara Rossberg
Ray Smith
Amikam Toren
Frederick Yocum