John Moores 18, 1993

John Moores 18, 1993

  • Sir John Moores dies on September 25 1993 and a memorial service is held at Liverpool Cathedral on November 30 1993
  • Purchase prize retained

Selected by:

  • Andrew Brighton
  • Stephen Farthing
  • Paul Huxley
  • Catherine Lampert
  • Julian Treuherz


Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; one painting, preferably new, in an accepted modern medium, designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than six inches. Sculpture, traditional watercolours and graphics excluded.

Number of entries 2, 013

Number of exhibits 54


Peter Doig 1st prize (Purchase prize) £20,000

10 prizes of £1,000:
George Blacklock
Simon Callery
John Goto
Martin Grover
Alexander Guy
David Howell
Vanessa Jackson
Paula MacArthur
Johannes Phokela
Jose Luis Vargas