John Moores 20, 1997

John Moores 20, 1997

  • Celebrated 40 years of the exhibition and the Moores family's support
  • 'The Letter', Adrian Henri's poem about 40 years' worth of selection decision envelopes arriving, was published in the catalogue
  • Purchase prize retained

Selected by:

  • Louisa Buck
  • Mel Gooding
  • Declan McGonagle
  • George Melly
  • Cornelia Parker


Conditions of entry:

Artists living or based in the UK; one work definable as a painting (as distinct from a watercolour, drawing, sculpture or other construction); designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than six inches; additional height and width restrictions.

Number of entries 1, 788

Number of exhibits 48


Dan Hays 1st prize (Purchase prize) £20,000

10 prizes of £1,000:
Sue Arrowsmith
Tony Bevan
Jason Brooks
Gwen Hardie
Claude Heath
Stephen Hughes
Gary Hume
Callum Innes
Masakatsu Kondo
David Leapman