John Moores 22, 2002

John Moores 22, 2002

  • Number of prize winners changed to five
  • Purchase prize retained
  • Entries judged by slide submission for first stage selection and by the actual paintings at second stage
  • Visitors' Choice Vote introduced, awarded towards the end of the exhibition
  • No printed catalogue - online catalogue only

Selected by:

  • Matthew Collings
  • Fiona Rae
  • Jenny Saville


Conditions of entry:

Artists living or based in the UK; one work, new or recent (preferably executed since JM21), wholly or partly in any painted medium; designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than 0.5m; additional height and width restrictions.

Number of entries 1,400

Number of exhibits 38



Peter Davies 1st prize £25,000

4 prizes of £2,500:
Alan Gouk
Martin Maloney
Paul Morrison

Visitors' Choice winner (no prize money):
Sean Dawson