John Moores 25, 2008

John Moores 25, 2008

  • No purchase prize, but 1st prizewinner purchased for the Gallery's collection
  • Celebrating 50 years of the exhibition it is retitled 'The John Moores 25 contemporary painting prize'
  • Visitors Choice prize raised to £2,008 to mark European Capital of Culture year

Selected by:

  • Jake and Dinos Chapman
  • Sacha Craddock
  • Graham Crowley
  • Paul Morrison


Conditions of entry:

Artists living or based in the UK; one work, new or recent (preferably executed since JM24), wholly or partly in any painted medium; designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than 0.5m; additional height and width restrictions.

Number of entries 3, 322

Number of exhibits 52



Peter McDonald 1st prize £25,000

4 prizes of £2,500:
Julian Brain
Geraint Evans
Grant Foster
Neal Jones

Visitors' Choice winner £2,800:
Julian Brain