John Moores 4, 1963

John Moores 4, 1963

  • Value of prizes increased
  • Sculpture section abolished
  • Junior section: eligible age reduced to 'not exceeding 25 years old on 12 Nov 1963' Invited artists' section reintroduced and included in prize competition
  • Purchase prizes reintroduced
  • Oskar Kokoschka exhibited under 'Hors concours' section: "It is a great pleasure to have a painting by the greatest living British artist."
  • Artists including Adrian Henri exhibit works
    not accepted for the John Moores at Liverpool's Everyman Cinema, with a reception hosted by 'Miss Refuse 1963.'

Selected by:

  • John Moores (Chair)
  • Ronald Alley
  • Sir William Coldstream
  • Peter Lanyon
  • Hugh Scrutton

Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; oil, tempera, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques. No sculpture. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. 'Hors concours' section (invited but not eligible for prizes)

Number of entries

Number of exhibits 118


Open section:
Purchase prizes -
Roger Hilton 1st prize £1,500
Anthony Donaldson 2nd prize £750
Philip Sutton 3rd prize £500

Non-purchase prizes -
5 prizes of £100
Harold Cohen
Michael Kidner
R.B. Kitaj
Terry G. Lee
Bridget Riley

Junior section:
Purchase prizes -
Stephen McKenna 1st prize £500
Christopher Paice 2nd prize £250

Honourable Mention:
John Bowstead
Michael J. Davidson
Tess Jaray