John Moores 5, 1965

  • Jury reduced from three to five people
  • First foreign Jury Chair - renowned American critic Clement Greenberg
  • Value of prizes increased
  • Invited artists included Sidney Nolan, Harry Thubron and Richard Hamilton; 'Hors concours' included Francis Bacon and Ivon Hitchens.
  • In a UK 'first' for a contemporary art exhibition, the John Moores offers a full guided sound tour and commentary, with a welcome message from John Moores, played on 'individual tape play-back machines'

Selected by:

  • Clement Greenberg (Chair)
  • Patrick Heron
  • John Russell

Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; oil, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques. No sculpture. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. Invited artists' section (eligible for prizes). 'Hors concours' section (invited but not eligible for prizes).

Number of entries 2,268

Number of exhibits 113



Open Section:
Purchase prizes -

Michael Tyzack 1st prize £1,500
Michael Kidner 2nd prize £1,000
John Walker 3rd prize £500

Non-Purchase prizes -
5 prizes of £100:

Robyn Denny
John Edkins
Terry Frost
John Hoyland
Derek Southall

Junior section:
Tim Whitmore 1st prize £200

8 prizes of £50:
Eleanor Brady
Stephen Marriott
George Moore
Christopher Paice
Geoff Rigden
Ron Robertson-Swann
Peter Wilson
Brian Woollard