John Moores 6, 1967

  • The division into Open and Junior sections is eliminated.
  • David Hockney wins and uses the prize money to send his parents on holiday to Australia.

Selected by:

  • John Moores (Chair)
  • Adrian Heath
  • Norbert Lynton
  • Pierre Restany
  • Lilian Somerville

Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; oil, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques. No sculpture. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. 'Hors concours' section (invited but not eligible for prizes).

Number of entries

Number of exhibits 106



Purchase prizes -
David Hockney 1st prize £1,500
Malcolm Hughes 2nd prize £1,000
Joe Tilson 3rd prize £750

Non-Purchase prizes -
5 prizes of £100:

Harry Ball
D. A. Cordery
Alan Gouk
Derek Southall
Richard Ward

5 prizes of £50:
Keith Brocklehurst
Douglas Kemp
Gordon Snee
Jean Spencer
Stephen Young