John Moores 7, 1969

John Moores 7, 1969

  • First prize awarded jointly to two separate artists, Mary Martin and Richard Hamilton
  • Mary Martin dies suddenly at the same time the Jury are deliberating the awards
  • Total prize money raised from £4,000 to £6,500
  • No purchase prizes or invited artists
  • Introduction of a new rule stating entries must be designed to hang on a wall and project no more than six inches from it.
    Gallery Director Hugh Scrutton comments, "Nobody can say this has any spiritual significance" and describes the six inches as
    an arbitrary figure.

Selected by:

  • Hugh Scrutton
  • Robyn Denny
  • Anthony Hill
  • Howard Hodgkin
  • R. B. Kitaj
  • William Scott

Adrian Henri was unable to attend judging.

Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; oil, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques, designed to hang on a wall and not project more than six inches. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. Sculpture, kinetics, watercolours and graphic arts excluded.

Number of entries

Number of exhibits 91


Main prize:
Richard Hamilton and Mary Martin - joint winners, each £2,500

5 prizes of £300:
Rasheed Araeen
Peter Kinley
Robert Owen
Tom Phillips
David Troostwyk