John Moores 9, 1974

John Moores 9, 1974

  • A fourth prize specially added for Sean Scully's 'Subtraction Painting'

Selected by:

  • John Moores (Chair)
  • Susan Grayson
  • William Feaver
  • Patrick George


Conditions of entry:

Artists working in the UK; oil, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques, designed to hang on a wall and not project more than six inches. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. Sculpture, kinetics, watercolours and graphic arts excluded.

Number of exhibits 90


Myles Murphy 1st prize £3,000
John G. Walker 2nd prize £2,000
Craigie Aitchison 3rd prize £1,000
Sean Scully 4th prize £500

10 prizes of £100:
Michael J. Bennett
Stephen Buckley
Jeffery B. Camp
Maurice Cockrill
Barrie Cook
Anthony Green
Peter Hedegaard
Richard Kidd
Alan Miller
Laetitia Yhap