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John Moores Painting Prize 2012

Online gallery of all paintings in the exhibition

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'Dead Man', Eve Ackroyd '277', Henny Acloque 'That place between 11 and 12', Kelly Best 'The Greater Light, Biggs & Collings 'Pink', Katrina Blannin 'Collateral Damage – The Killing Jar – 14.1.2012 'Time hangs heavy 3', Hannah Brown '— sacrificed — to veil — sacrifiés — pour voiler', Jane Bustin 'Edge of Town', Graham Chorlton 'Down the Acapulco', Wayne Clough 'The Field', Julie Cockburn 'Temple of Ancient Virtue', Paul Collinson 'Thinking Inside the Box', Andrew Cranston 'Untitled', Theo Cuff 'Collapse into Abstract (Black)', Cullinan Richards 'Overall Paintings', Bernat Daviu 'Self Portrait On White Ground', David Dipré 'A Man after Ilya Repin's Own Heart', Nathan Eastwood 'Twisted', Liz Elton 'Mineral 9', Oscar Godfrey 'The House', Vincent Hawkins 'The the Desert', Bé van der Heide 'Late summer Mirage', Rae Hicks 'Home VII', John Holland 'Study', Kevin Hutcheson 'Waiting room (1)', Jarik Jongman ''I'd like to teach the world to sing!'', Laura Keeble 'Path of Whistlers', Robin Kirsten 'Wet Casements', Brendan Lancaster 'Untitled', Laura Lancaster 'M is Many', Ian Law 'The Auction', Dominic Lewis. Original photographer: Hulton Archive/Collection: Hulton Archive/Getty Images. 'Proposal for the Jury of the John Moores Painting Prize 2012', Peter Liversidge 'Made in Taiwan', Angela Lizoń 'Sighting', Elizabeth Magill Traffic Island in the Snow', Danny Markey 'Monet', Enzo Marra 'Monkey', Rui Matsunaga 'Iron Hill', Onya McCausland 'Otl's Gift (The Honeymoon of the Mechanical Bride)', Dougal McKenzie 'Talcum', Damien Meade 'Poncho', Sonia Morange 'Gallery', Stephen Nicholas 'Black', Pat O'Connor 'Outside Toilet', Jay Oliver 'Future Sun', Dan Perfect 'DEAD RUBBER', Oliver Perkins 'Comma (Test Piece for an Eye Break)', Virigina Phongsathorn 'Stevie Smith and the Willow', Sarah Pickstone 'Steps, Forest Rec.', Tom Pitt 'Brutal Façade', Kevin J Pocock 'Plaza', Sarah Poots 'Untitled Kerbstone Painting (MJK)', Narbi Price 'Untitled', James Ryan 'The Little Summer of St. Michael', André Stitt 'Irish Painting (for Jack)', Trevor Sutton 'The Good Terrorists', Emma Talbot 'Armchair Painting – Untitled (The Unthinkable)', Amikam Toren 'Studio Painting - Agnes Martin', Ian Whittlesea 'Inherent Omniscience (Second Version)', Thomas M Wright