'I Don’t Know'

Zhu Xiaocong

 Colourful abstract painting with toys

Oil painting
100 x 160 cm

There is an animated Dr Seuss cartoon called Horton Hears a Who!, which tells the story of an elephant. One day, the elephant discovers a speck of dust on a flower. It hears someone speaking and believes that there must be someone living there. Inside this speck of dust there really was a town, called ‘Whoville’, in which people lived happily.

Everything in the universe continuously reproduces. Big things contain smaller things, while smaller things contain infinite possibilities. Existence implies emptiness while emptiness is equivalent to everything. 'I Don’t Know' can be applied to our mental space, and to the universe itself. Work with love, and with imagination.


Zhu Xiaocong was born in 1982. She studied in the Fine Arts Departmentat Qufo Normal University (Bachelor’s Degree 2005), and the Fine Arts Department at Suzhou University (Master’s 2008). Group exhibitions are '‘Daughter’ ‘Re-creation’ Contemporary Arts Exhibition' Yucun Art Gallery Suzhou 2012, 'Pregnant / Vast Contemporary Arts Exhibition' Yucun Art Gallery Suzhou 2013.