Conditions of entry

The artist:

Must live or be professionally based in the  United Kingdom. 

Must be 18 years or over on the day of  registration.

Must register and pay the entry fee of  £30 (inclusive of VAT) online, by post or in  person no later than Friday 25 October  2013 or the entry will be invalid.

May enter one painting only. 

Undertakes that the work submitted is of  his or her own origination, and that he or  she holds all moral and intellectual property  rights in that work.

Accepts that the images and painting, if  shortlisted, are entered at the artist’s own  risk. The organisers are not liable for any  loss or damage incurred to the image or  painting, if shortlisted or selected for the  exhibition itself.

Is responsible for the transportation of  the painting to and from the designated  depots if shortlisted. The organisers will not  be liable for any loss or damage, however  caused, either in transit to and from the  exhibition, or during any period of storage,  packing or unpacking or in any period in  which the work may be on their premises or  in their keeping. 

If shortlisted, the artist is advised to take  out their own commercial insurance to  cover their work in transit (two-way), at the  depots, throughout the judging period and if  selected, the exhibition period. 

Must collect works from their specified depot  as instructed. 

Paintings selected for the final exhibition  will remain in storage until the start of the  exhibition. This means that the work will  need to be available from the time it is  submitted to the close of the exhibition in  November 2014.

Accepts that the painting submitted will be  available for sale in the exhibition and that t he Walker Art Gallery, if requested, is given  first option to purchase that work.

Accepts that, if a final exhibitor, all sales of  exhibited work will be undertaken by NML  Trading Ltd during the exhibition period. 

If selected for the exhibition, agrees to  the reproduction of their work or a detail  of the work (at no fee) in association with  the exhibition, including press, marketing,  publicity, merchandise, catalogues and  postcards and online, etc. 

Is aware that National Museums Liverpool  is registered under the Data Protection  Act 1998. Personal details will remain  confidential and not be disclosed to third  parties. 

By submitting an email address  you are consenting to receive future emails  from NML relating to our exhibitions. You  can unsubscribe at address:

The image(s)

Digital images of the submitted work must be JPEGS between 2MB - 5MB in size and minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

One image showing the complete painting must be submitted. An optional second image, showing a detail of the work may be submitted. 

The image(s) of the painting must not be manipulated in any way and must be of the painting entered. Substitutes cannot be accepted.

The image(s) and completed entry form can be submitted online. 

If you are unable to enter or submit images online, you can post your image on a CD to the Project Manager with a completed entry form. 

We are unable to return digital images.

Full details of digital image requirements will be given in your confirmation of registration form once you have registered. 

Do not submit any images until you have received your confirmation of registration.

It is important that the quality of the digital image best reflects the submitted work. 

The first stage of selection is entirely based on the image submitted.

The painting

Must be a new or recent work, preferably within the last 12 months.

Must be wholly or partly executed in any painted medium.

Must be designed to hang on a wall.

Must be the original work of the artist named on the registration form.

Must, if shortlisted for Stage 2, be the same work as that submitted as an image at Stage 1 and be available for Stage 2 of the competition and if selected, for the exhibition itself.

When packed for transport, should measure no more than 3m x 3.75m. 

When unpacked, it must project no more than 0.5m from the wall. 

Work made up of more than one piece, such as a diptych or triptych, must also be no larger overall than 3m x 3.75m when displayed on a wall.

The exhibition

If selected for the exhibition, the work must continue to be available from Stage 2 judging to the close of the exhibition. 

It may not be removed before the exhibition closing date of Sunday 30 November 2014.

Work sold from the exhibition is subject to a commission charge. This charge will be made by NML Trading Ltd upon completion of the sale and will be invoiced to the artist. 

The commission charge will attract VAT at the prevailing rate and this will be shown on the invoice to the artist. 

Where the artist is registered for VAT, the sale price will for commission purposes, be the price exclusive of the VAT charge.