'Sometimes I Forget That You’re Gone'

Rae Hicks

Oil on canvas
86.5 x 76.5 cm

When all the elements of a scene are present in a setting but as yet unassembled - as though raw resources in storage - they often still possess all the necessary components which complete the intended picture; all the correct colours and shapes.

Often this unconscious assemblage, through its very dislocation, is at least as powerful as the finished picture. Perhaps this is because it shows the potential for almost infinite combinations and re-workings, with the possibility for new incorporations. Maybe it is also because it betrays the nuts-and-bolts beginnings of apparently organic forms. 

For the last couple of years I have been interested in the self- consciousness of the developing Western European landscape, its constant reinvention and the emblems that are on rotational use. I want to approach artifice with sensitivity, with openness to its potential for new perspectives. 


Born in London in 1988, Rae Hicks grew up in Bath, attending City of Bath College 2006-7, and Goldsmiths London 2008-12, with a year at HFBK Hamburg 2010-11. Recent exhibitions (London unless stated) include 'New Classics' Elektrohaus Hamburg 2011, 'One of the Forgotten' Frameless Gallery 2012, 'Crash Open Salon 2012' Charlie Dutton Gallery, 'ICE-9' Brixton East 2013, 'Summer Exhibition' Royal Academy of Arts 2013, 'The Magnolia Cube' 566 Cable St 2013, 'Da Sein, Das Ei' Galerie Vorwerkstift Hamburg 2013, 'Griffin Art Prize 2013: Shortlist Exhibition Griffin Gallery '(touring), 'Triple Sod' (with Will Thompson) Peckham Springs 2014. In 'John Moores 2012'.

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