Juliette Losq

(Visitors' Choice winner)

Watercolour and ink on paper, on canvas
290 x 220 cm

I make large-scale watercolours, including installations, which form immersive or semi-immersive environments into which the viewer may feel they can walk or fall. Through these I aim to challenge the ideas of watercolour as being a medium that, traditionally, holds connotations of portability, is to be used for preparatory sketching, or has associations with domestic scale and use.

Using resist, a traditional material of the watercolourist, I work over the surface repetitively as if building up an etching plate, creating multiple painted layers which simultaneously obscure and reveal those beneath. Within these layers I incorporate imagery derived from Victorian ‘Penny Dreadfuls’, newspaper illustrations, science fiction and horror films.

This becomes inextricably woven with the detritus of the marginal areas that I depict. In doing so I aim to evoke an uncertain world in which the uncanny can coexist with the mundane, and where the possibility of confronting what has been repressed may generate at once feelings of creeping malevolence or whimsical curiosity.


Born London 1978, Juliette Losq studied there at Wimbledon College of Art (WCA) 2004-7, Royal Academy Schools 2007-10. Group shows include 'Jerwood Drawing Prize' (Winner) Jerwood Space London (touring) 2005, 'Drawing Breath: Surveying 10 years of the Jerwood Drawing Prize' WCA (touring) 2006, 'Catlin Art Prize' Tramshed London 2011, 'AVA The Collection' All Visual Arts London 2012, 'Another Room' R O O M London 2013, 'Viewing Room' AVA at The Crypt London 2013, 'Epic Fail' Storefront NY 2013, 'The Open West' Newark Park Gloucestershire (touring) 2013. Solos include 'Lucaria Theodore' Art NY 2012, 'Dans la poussière de cette planète' Galerie Arcturus Paris 2013.

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