'PV Windows and Floorboards'

Rose Wylie 

(First prize winner)

Oil on canvas
181 x 334.5 cm

Usually I paint something I’ve seen, but I may fiddle with the scale, context, and rules of gravity. I draw from observation, memory and with ‘conceptual projection’ - how a stereotype would look from the un-stereotypical view, or if made from a written list of observed particulars, then that list illustrated. The paintings often start from my drawings, but anything can change, depending on the way I feel about how it is, or if I know what that should be. The drawings can come from the excitement of anything I’ve seen, but particularly from film (the swapping of one artform from another), newspapers, and memory of personal events.

My main interest is how the work looks, but meaning - politics, issues, story, and so on - remains as part of the structure of making a work, an act which is both personal and contemporary. In my life I stack and heap up notations of experiences, and often repeat this process in combinations of paintings as I see them in my mind. The flexibility of leaving bare canvas and ‘floating’ imagery allows these regroupings and linear-continuations to happen easily in a picture hang, while also permitting individual paintings to keep their own particular, independent identity.


Born Kent 1934, Rose Wylie attended Folkstone and Dover School of Art 1952-6, Royal College of Art London 1979-81. Exhibitions include 'Women to Watch' NMWA Washington DC 2010. Solos: 'What with What' Thomas Erben NY 2010, 'Picture on the Wall' Michael Janssen Berlin 2011, 'After Daphne' Rosenwald-Wolf Philadelphia 2012, 'Rosemount' Regina Moscow 2012, 'Big Boys Sit in the Front' Jerwood Gallery Hastings 2012, 'Woof-Woof' Haugar Museum Tønsberg 2013, 'Henry, Thomas, Keith & Jack' UNION London 2013, 'BP Spotlight: Rose Wylie' Tate Britain London 2013, 'What Means Something' Choi & Lager Cologne 2014. Collections include Arts Council Collection. Exhibitor John Moores 1991.

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