Gabriella Boyd

Oil on canvas
167.8 x 152.4 cm

My works, which consist mainly of oil paintings on canvas, revolve around the merging of private and public spaces. I build up paintings of imagined locations in stages, often allowing purely formal considerations of colour and line to determine their direction. It is through this process that figures emerge. Psychological states become theatrically realised as characters’ inner and outer realities blur and shift.

Working from photographs, drawings and recalled social observations, I try to depict fleeting interactions or moments of failed intimacy.


Born in 1988 in Glasgow, Gabriella Boyd studied at Glasgow School of Art 2007-11 (Chairman’s Medal 2011) and is at the Royal Academy Schools London 2014-2017. Exhibitions include 'Saatchi New Sensations' (special commendation) Victoria House London 2011, 'Catlin Art Prize 2012' Londonewcastle Project Space London, 'Beijing International Art Biennale' Beijing 2012, 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Cob Gallery London 2012, 'Go Figure' Cob Gallery 2014, 'Whispers' Ronchini Gallery London 2015, 'Premiums: Interim Projects' Royal Academy London 2016, 'Gabriella Boyd & Marco Giordano' (Glasgow International) House for an Art Lover Glasgow 2016. Solo 'Strong Necks' High House Gallery Oxford 2013. Illustrated Freud’s ‘Interpreting Dreams’ Folio Society 2015. 

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