Benjamin Jamie

Oil, distemper, wax and charcoal on canvas
150.2 x 130.2 cm

My paintings explore the boundaries between the grotesque and the saccharine and seek to turn the mundane into the unusual. Inspiration comes from many sources, be it studio detritus, fly-tipping, transhumanism or fast food, and although based somewhere in reality, my paintings are fairly undisturbed by the real world. This allows me to create notional, metamorphic spaces, and to fabricate an idealised past or future which can be populated with allegorical figures and objects.



Benjamin Jamie was born in 1978 in Nottingham and is based in London. He studied at the University of Gloucestershire 1999-2002 and on the Turps Art School Painters Studio Programme 2014-16. Recent group exhibitions, all London, include 'East London Painting Prize Strand East 2014', 'Teleology' Husk Gallery 2014, 'Interim Show' Turps Gallery 2015, 'Malvern Show' No.4a, Malvern 2015, 'Summer Show' Turps Gallery 2015, 'Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain' Blain|Southern 2015, 'Flash Salon' Bond House Gallery 2015, 'Turps Goes West' Edel Assanti London 2015. Final 'Turps' show Turps Gallery 2016.

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