'Apolenaris', Alan Shipway

Painting of an abstract green flower

Acrylic on canvas, 163 x 127.5 cm

"Anything can be painted without representation." (Agnes Martin)

"The goal is to have exactly what is necessary to achieve the work, no more, no less." (Carl André)

"Paintings [which are] about freedom from the cares of this world." (Agnes Martin)

"[The artist’s role is] to discover the art which is unique to him, and then purge that art of all effects that do not serve its ends." (Carl André)


Alan Shipway was born in Edinburgh in 1956. He studied at the University of Edinburgh 1974-78 and St. Martin’s School of Art 1978-79. His solo exhibitions include Third Eye Centre Glasgow 1984, The Minories Colchester 1985, 369 Gallery Edinburgh 1991 and Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh 2002. Recent group shows include Notes from Underground Dostoyevsky Museum St. Petersburg 1999 Absolut Open Inverleith House Edinburgh 1999 and 2000 and Director’s Chair Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh 2004.