'Clout', Andrew Bracey

Painting of lots of small colourful objects on a white background

Acrylic and universal primer on clout nails and wood, 100.5 x 100.5 cm

…smiley faces, Black Grape, Roger Melly, Lidl, Spots, 7-up, Panda, Taps, Brillo, Francis Bacon, first aid, Damien Hirst, mop and bucket, trains, stripes, Ice T, goldfish, pumpkins, Massive Attack, wind farms, ying and yang, Adidas, Superman, Pyramids, witches, frogs, spiral, fried eggs, plane food, Franz Ferdinand, Dubai, Welcome mat, Darth Vader, water melon, Flaming Lips, ?, sharks, crows, hanged man, sheriff, Gulf, Bling, the Lowry, Utopia, Salvador Dali, Kodak, Post Office, Stop sign, saw, puppy dog, ants Oasis, 50p, Jesus, Björk, Barbie, abstract, CAT, trees, kangaroo, kebab, speed limit, Leaning Tower of Pisa, uh, sardines, noughts and crosses, turn right, sand dunes, decks, Star Wars, palm trees, Union Jack, Vans, www, No Smoking, skulls, James Brown, Michael Craig-Martin, Volkswagen, banana, parrot, Dolly, Steps, mountain, paint, Arrow staples, Hotdog, white rabbit, Rader, CD, Ntl, flags, Johnny Cash…


Andrew Bracey was born in Bristol in 1978. He studied at Plymouth College of Art 1996-97, Liverpool John Moores University 1997-2000 and Manchester Metropolitan University 2000-1. His exhibitions include Phusion Gasworks Gallery London 2000, All colours will agree in the dark Cornerhouse Manchester 2001, Alchemy Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich 2002, Thermo The Lowry Salford 2003 and Beyond the endgame Manchester Art Gallery 2003.