'Tourist (after Grosz)', Dale Holmes

Painting of a man sat beside a bed in a hotel room reading a map, smoking a cigar and wearing a white mask

Oil on canvas, 45.5 x 61 cm

George Grosz promenading along the boulevards and arcades of Berlin in military uniform, a huge skull mask on his head. Smoking a cigar. DaDa death.

James Ensor’s home town of Brussels. Reading a tour guide in a state of the art hotel with a shoe shine machine in the lobby and two porn channels on the telly.

A malingerer.

A tourist.


Dale Holmes was born in Barnsley in 1972. He studied at Leeds Metropolitan University 1996-99. He has held solo shows Fan Club Meeting The Way Up Gallery London 2001 and Recent Paintings Trapex Gallery Hoxton London 2004, and recent group shows include The Poster Show Hoxton Distillery London 2003 and Itchy Park Limehouse Town Hall London 2004.