'Split together', Daniel Sturgis

Abstract painting with horizontal and vertical rows of semi-circle shapes

Acrylic on canvas, 198.5 x 305 cm

When making my paintings I employ a repertoire of pre-designed shapes, colours and repetitions which suggest various readings or possibilities without ever quite becoming one of them. The associations which people bring to these abstract paintings are important. I play with the way particular colours or shapes evoke certain things, or have relationships with each other. The idea of fluidity is particularly interesting: the way the painting, while being very still, asks questions about movement, systems, intuition, character, abstraction and therefore I hope painting itself.


Daniel Sturgis was born in London in 1966. He studied at the London College of Printing 1985-86, Camberwell College of Art 1986-89 and Goldsmiths’ College 1992-94. His first one-man exhibition was at the Camden Arts Centre London 1997; others have been at the British School at Rome 1999, as part of his Rome Scholarship; Apartment Athens 2001 and 2004, Richard Salmon Gallery London 2002 and Buro Empty Amsterdam 2003. Recent group shows include Painting as a Foreign Language Edificio Cultura Inglese São Paulo 2002, Mathematique Danielle Arnaud London 2002 and About Painting Galerie Hollenbach Stuttgart 2003.