'Bandwidth', Edward Chell

Painting with black marks on a white background

Oil on canvas, 194.5 x 164 cm

Bandwidth is one of a series of paintings which emerged as part of a process using only five colours, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine, Titanium White (opaque), Zinc White (semi-transparent) and Indian Yellow. The title of this series takes its name in part from the banding created by a squeegee of a particular size repeatedly erasing layers of paint following its initial overlay. The image subsequently ‘degrades’ and is re-calibrated, forming seemingly fragmented notations of speech, genetic material or DNA.


Edward Chell was born in Huddersfield in 1958. He studied at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1977-81 and the Royal College of Art 1987-89. He won the Hunting Group prize 1988. Recent one-person shows include Anthony Wilkinson Gallery London 1995 and 2001, and Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer Düsseldorf 1997 and 2000. Recent group shows include John Moores 19 1995 and 20 1997, Chora Underwood Street Gallery London and UK tour 1999-2000, Yes! I am a long way from home Wolverhampton Art Gallery and tour 2003 and Will and Compulsion Broadbent Fine Art London 2004.