'Racing in the street', Geraint Evans

Two men shaking hands whilst standing on the bonnets of cars in fron of a Kwik Save

Acrylic on board, 90 x 106 cm

My paintings and drawings describe the aspirations and unwavering optimism of hobbyists, enthusiasts, artists and suburban social climbers. This cast of unlikely protagonists tentatively embrace the limitations of suburban and provincial life as they try to match the unrepeatable feats of much admired role models.

Racing in the street depicts the climax of a joyriders’ race around a Kwik Save car park. These wannabe inhabitants of a small town mount the bonnets of their souped-up motors to clasp each others’ hands in mutual respect. This is their attempt to grasp the melancholic air of celebration in Bruce Springsteen’s lament of the same name, from his 1978 album Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Essentially these works are fictional portraits and visual short stories, documenting fleeting anecdotes and memories. They highlight our lifestyle aspirations and our natural instinct to preserve some sort of individuality whilst we fulfil the expectations of our ordered society.


Geraint Evans was born in Swansea in 1968. He studied at West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education 1986-87, Manchester Polytechnic 1987-90 and the Royal Academy Schools 1990-93. His recent exhibitions include Anthony Wilkinson Gallery London 2000 and 2004, Where Happiness Happens Chapter Cardiff 2001 and Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea 2002 (all one-man); Wales, Unauthorized versions House of Croatian Artists Zagreb 2001; Dirty Pictures Approach London 2003, and Other Times City Gallery Prague (British Council) 2004.