'Untitled circle painting: pale blue/ black/ pale blue', Ian Davenport

Three rows of three circles in a square blue grid

Household paint on MDF board, 180 x 180 cm (9 panels each 60 x 60 cm)

I like making pancakes.

When you pour batter it forms a circular shape and then you flip it.

These paintings are like pancakes of paint.


Ian Davenport was born in Sidcup in 1966. He studied at Northwich College of Art 1984-85 and Goldsmiths’ College 1985-88. He exhibited in Freeze Surrey Docks 1988 and his first solo show was at Waddington Galleries London 1990. He was nominated for the Turner Prize 1991. He has exhibited throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. He was a prizewinner in John Moores 21 1999 and also showed in John Moores 22 2002. Recent exhibitions include Days Like These Tate Britain 2003 and solo shows at Waddington Galleries 2003, Ikon Gallery Birmingham (retrospective) 2004 and Xippas Gallery Athens 2004.