'Perla', Jeff McMillan

Portrait painting that has been obscured with orange paint over the top two-thirds

Oil on found painting, 52.5 x 40.5 cm

Perla was made by submerging a portrait (bought from a car boot sale) vertically into a container full of oil paint. It follows a line of work where the technique of the hand and the brush is not an issue. I am however intrigued by the ambivalence of using the lush physicality of paint to produce something that could as easily be seen as ‘anti-painting’.


Jeff McMillan was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1968. He studied at Texas Technical University 1987-91 and the University of Alabama 1992-95. Since 1998 he has been based in London where he founded the exhibition space PEARL in 2001. He has curated eight shows there and elsewhere, including Retriever 2003 in which his own work appeared. In 2004 he held a solo exhibition Finesilver in San Antonio, Texas. He was included in John Moores 22 2002.