'Bayonet 13mm (1/2") steel tacks', Leo Fitzmaurice

3 dimensional painting of a box of steel tacks

Acrylic on canvas, 4.5 x 4 x 3 cm</h4>

“Our location in the world and our relation to material culture are some of the most immediate issues that Leo Fitzmaurice’s work deals with. He explores how we negotiate the world by making it physically and conceptually apparent, presenting a world in which we can locate ourselves. A world where there is instant recognition but also an unsettling and disturbing anxiety as we jostle with the familiar.

Fitzmaurice dispenses with hierarchies of value and juxtaposes disparate objects in no received order, playing with the unusual and the ubiquitous.

Fitzmaurice’s work is characterised by a desire to re-organise the everyday and familiar to present it so that we look again at what we often take for granted… With a promiscuous approach to materials he invites the viewer to consider the work’s origins and to speculate on the possible readings that alternate between reality and our imaginations.” (Sarah Brown; quoted by permission)


Leo Fitzmaurice was born in Shropshire in 1963. He studied at Leicester Polytechnic 1988-89, Liverpool Polytechnic 1989-92 and Manchester Metropolitan University 1992-94. Recent exhibitions include Mappin Art Gallery Sheffield 2002 (one-man) Further Up in the Air Linosa Close Liverpool and tour 2002-3; Art Transpennine 2003; From a Distance Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool 2003, On Side Centro de Artes Coimbra 2004 and Inter Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston 2004.