'Naughty puppies no.12', Louise Brierley

Painting of two dogs in bushes with a forest in the background

Oil on pane, 29 x 37 cm

This painting is one of a series of thirteen finished at the end of last year. They were inspired by the no-man’s land of Hackney Marshes, that particular place where the edge of the City meets nature.

Lurking in the shadows are demonic, half-bred creatures who, perhaps in reaction to their boredom, are engaged in a kind of private anarchy.


Louise Brierley was born in Glossop, Derbyshire in 1958. She studied at Manchester Polytechnic 1977-80 and the Royal College of Art 1980-83. She has exhibited in Japan (a solo show in four national museums 1997) Los Angeles and London, most recently in The Discerning Eye Mall Galleries 2002, Triangle Space Gallery 2003 and East End Academy Whitechapel Art Gallery 2004. She received the New York Times’s award for the best artist’s book in 1996.