'All the lies (5)', Martine Dejeans

Series of vertical laddered shapes in different bright colours

Oil on canvas, 100.5 x 150 cm

The underlying concern of my work is the changing relationship between the individual as a living organism and the technological, consumer environment in which we live.

As reality is increasingly presented in visually coded formats, and human experience limited to being part of determined systems, my paintings seek to express the idea of the inescapable co-existence of visible and invisible networks in our contemporary consciousness, where the distinction between the biological and natural on the one hand and the man-engineered and artificial on the other is more and more blurred.

In this painting the different colours represent various systems or entities, each at a certain degree of completion or visibility, but all competing for space and attention on the surface of the canvas.

The basis of this work involves the production of small inkjet prints of my own digital drawings of grids. Through the process of cutting and collaging and then enlarging and translating these computer-generated data into the materiality unique to the medium of painting, my artistic practice becomes a mediation between tradition and innovation, imagination and technology, abstraction and representation, as well as a way of re-asserting my human presence with its limitations in the face of overwhelming technology and standardisation.


Martine Dejeans was born in France in 1952. She studied at Kingston University 1998-2002 and Wimbledon School of Art 2002-3. Her exhibitions include Real Site, Fake Site Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane London 2000, Pick and Mix Knight’s Park Gallery Kingston 2001, Digi-Monde: Painters of Modern Life Orleans House Gallery Twickenham 2002, Diverse Hansbury Gallery London 2003 and Living For the City Blue Wing Gallery Kew 2004.