'Remote bank', Nicholas Middleton

Collage painting with various elements including a woman's face, flyposters and liquorice allsorts

Oil on canvas, 81 x 81 cm

My work has developed from an initial love of collage as a means of creating compositions. This has directly translated into the way I construct my paintings, balancing a number of different elements in some form of compositional unity. The paintings have moved on from being combinations of images with personal associations and art-historical references, to being primarily influenced by the experience of the urban environment as a visual arena where unexpected juxtapositions occur. These transitory collisions are reflected in the interplay of surface and depth in different areas of the picture, different scales, and different modes of representation, from the graphic-influenced to the purely photographic.


Nicholas Middleton was born in London in 1975. He studied at London Guildhall University 1993-94 and Winchester School of Art 1994-97. Since 1998 he has received numerous commissions for paintings for cruise liners. His exhibitions include Stolen Goods The Tannery London 1997, Royal Academy summer exhibitions 2000-2002, BOC Emerging Artist Award 2002 and BP Portrait Award National Portrait Gallery London 2004.